About Us

WEBAIR Solutions is an ISP in District Center Ahmedabad. WEBAIR Solutions has the state-of -the-art technology with the latest equipment’s. IT is a fast new way to access the Internet from home or at work. It does not use your existing phone line, but is faster than dialup access. With a Broadband connection, you get a fast, convenient "always-on" Internet connection.

WEBAIR Solutions is an ISP. WEBAIR Solutions was formed on AUG 2015 with a vision to create a revolution in IT technology. WEBAIR Solutions has a young team of professionals committed to provide Customer Delight and not mere customer satisfaction. WEBAIR Solutions has a Customer Care cell with professionals who are trained to provide Customer.

Merely 2 persons, Mr. Rutvik Prajapati and Mr. Nikunj Prajapati, started it but now it has a big team of 8 people just in 1 years time and is likely to increase day by day. It is in the process of opening new branches in Ahmedabad.